Thursday, 11 August 2022

Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India Strongly criticizes the attempts of saffronization of higher education in Banaras Hindu University. It is a reflection of the agenda of the RSS and BJP when questions like ‘Manu is the first Indian thinker of Globalization. Discuss’ appears in the examination of Masters of Arts in Political Science.

It is important to note that education is being targeted by central government and RSS right from the first day. In the name of Indianisation, they are trying to communalize it and trying to propagate their ideas. Pseudoscience and false history is being taught to students in various BJP ruling states which are polluting the young minds with venom of communalization. There were attacks on the institutions of Higher education. But now they are directly interfering with the content of Higher education also.

In Banaras Hindu University which as recently witnessed determined struggle of girl students against University administration and the chief minister Yogi Aditynath on the question of their security, MA 1st semester students were shocked when they saw question paper for subject social and political thoughts of ancient India. They were asked to write an essay on nature of GST in Kautilya Arthshastra or Manu is the first Indian thinker of Globalization. Discuss’. Nobody from the university administration or department of Political Science is ready to take responsibility.

This is not a simple case of questions from out of syllabus but reflects the kind of conspiracy which is going on to ruin the Higher education of India. In the above example students are forced to think and write in a certain way in they have to lose marks. This is the whole idea to compel students to think is a certain way.

Indian education system doesn’t stand for these values. Universities especially are known to promote rational and logical thinking. Central Executive of India is firmly opposed to these efforts and demands that people who are responsible for framing these questioned should be identified and punished.

VP Sanu    (President)
Vikram Singh  (General Secretary )