Thursday, 02 February 2023

CBSE has kept ‘scarf’ and ‘tajeeb’ in the list of the banned items for the upcoming AIPMT exam, which is scheduled to be held on 1st May.
It needs to be mentioned that these additional measures were introduced last year after the AIPMT 2015, which was originally held on May 3, was cancelled by the Supreme Court after police investigations revealed sophisticated mode of exam fraud and mass cheating involving MBBS students, doctors and middle-men across the country. CBSE found these regulations necessary for curbing the malpractices in the examination; while for a section of minority community it was seen as ‘discriminatory ruling, which prevented them from fulfilling the mandate of their religion’. Supreme Court bench had later refused to hear a plea ‘on allowing hijab during the AIPMT examination’.

SFI is against any regulation which infringes in the constitutionally guaranteed right of every citizen to practice his/her religious beliefs. While the struggle against all kinds of religious obscurantism is necessary, it doesn’t mean coercion. There should be elaborate measures instead to check the examination mafia which is thriving with the active participation of the bureaucrats and the ruling class’ political parties.

Released by
VP Sanu (President)
Vikram Singh (General Secretary)