Thursday, 11 August 2022


The Central Executive Committee of Students' Federation of India extends its full support to the ongoing agitation and relay hunger strike of the students of IIT-Bombay against the huge fees hike under various heads. Students have been boycotting classes from the third week of June as a mark of protest but administration of IIT-Bombay did not pay the heed to the protesting students. Notw students were forced to take the protest to next level and they have started a relay hunger strike.
There is a huge fee hike IIT Bombay which includes a 300% hike in hostel rent, 167% hike in gymkhana fees, 100% hike in examination, registration and medical fees, and between 30% and 50% increase in other charges. This hike came after a year when Government had increased the annual tuition fees for under graduation students from Rs 90,000 to Rs 2 lakh (more than double) throughout the nation in all IITS.
This was a unilateral and undemocratic decision of the administration of IIT Bombay as the proposal of fee hike was not even discussed with student representatives. Central government is continuously withdrawing from its responsibility to fund the education institutions especially higher education which is resulting in enormous hikes in fees in almost all the institutions. This is a very dangerous trend under the neo economic policies adopted by successive governments where students are forced to pay for their education which is resulting in denial of opportunities to the economically and socially sections of the society. Present central government is implementing these policies at a much higher speed and scale.
Central Executive Committee of Students' Federation of India is committed to fight against all these efforts of the central Government and is supporting brave protesting students strongly. We demand immediate withdrawal of the all hikes in fees without any condition failing which will face a nationwide agitation of students in support of IIT Bombay students.

VP Sanu                                                             Vikram Singh

President                                                         General Secretary