Thursday, 11 August 2022


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The Central Executive Committee of SFI calls upon all its units across the nation to rise up in demand of justice for Gudiya, a school student in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh who was brutally raped and murdered on 4th July. SFI demand CBI enquiry of the entire incident to ensure speedy justice for the victim.

There were different instances in which the authorities acted in suspicious manner to protect the culprits behind this heinous crime. The custodial murder of one of the accused in the case also indicates to such foul plays.

Earlier thousands of students and citizens marched to Raj Bhawan in Shimla demanding justice for Gudiya. There is widespread outrage among the people of Himachal Pradesh against government's attempt to shield the culprits. The Police administration has been acting in a dubious manner which can be ascertained by the statements of the Police officials contradicting themselves. In one incident the official Facebook page of HP CM Virbhadra Singh had posted the photographs of the culprits which had done several rounds in social media but on the other hand some daily wage labourers were arrested. Such incidents raise serious doubts about the entire enquiry. SFI demands that all these developments must be thoroughly investigated.

Central Government is also reluctant to refer the case to CBI. This is also a matter of concern over the safety and security of girl students in schools. It is in this context the CEC of SFI calls upon its units to organize protest programs in demand to ensure justice for Gudiya.

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VP Sanu (President)                                                                                                       Vikram Singh (General Secretary)