Thursday, 11 August 2022

Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India strongly condemns the comments of Niti Aayog’s CEO Amitabh Kant statement that “government entities should exit from the operation and maintenance of infrastructure projects. They should even look at handing over jails, schools and colleges to the private sector”.
He made this statement when was speaking at PPP Summit organised by industry body FICCI. His whole understanding and vision is very dangerous for public sector. Being the CEO of the Niti Aayog his words speaks about the direction and priority of the government planning for India. Central Government has already launched a project to sell the public sector to the private houses. Citing the government’s inefficiency Kant advocated for handing over schools and colleges to private houses. These comments should be taken very seriously from the head of NITI Aayog.

The replacement of Planning Commission by NITI Aayog which was done by this government is now speaking on behalf of the corporate houses. The atrocious remarks of the NITI Aayog CEO actually points to intentions of this government which is hell bent in destroying not only education but all state run enterprises. The failure lies in the policies and functioning of this government.

With the education sector reeling under huge disinvestments and an overall attack on state run enterprises the constitutional principles are at stake in the current scenario. Although nothing much is expected from the central government working at the behest of the RSS which denounces the Constitution of India but such moves will be met by vehement students’ protests throughout the country and we will work to build people’s resistance against this draconian assault on Public funded education.

VP Sanu (President)                                               Vikram Singh (General Secretary)