Thursday, 11 August 2022

hp1Condemn the Brutal ABVP Attack on SFI Activists in Himachal Pradesh University 
The Central Executive Committee of SFI, in the strongest possible words condemns the brutal attack on SFI activists by the ABVP goons in Himachal Pradesh University. The assault with swords and iron rods was unleashed by the saffron brigade who entered into the mess hall of  Tagore hostel at yesterday night. Six comrades including the SFI unit Vice President Keval Kumar and Hostel president Vaibav Aman were hospitalized with severe injuries.
SFI has been leading militant struggles against the corrupt Vice Chancellor of HP University for a long time. One of the first activities of this VC after coming to office was to ban students’ union elections in the university. He was in forefront to curb all the democratic spaces and voices in the campus. He was dancing at the tune of Sangh Parivar and ABVP.  SFI demanded to not give him a second period as VC after the completion of his first term. ABVP wanted the VC to get extended his period in the office. While the huge majority of the student community has been firmly rallying with the slogans raised by SFI the rejected ABVP looked upon the corrupt and anti-student Vice Chancellor as their refuge.  This is the primary reason which led to a gruesome attack on SFI leaders by the frustrated ABVP criminals. 
SFI demands the Himachal Pradesh state government to take immediate action against the murder attempt on SFI leaders. We appeal to all democratic and secular sections to rally together to protect the democratic spaces of university campuses across the country. 
                              Released By
VP Sanu (President)                  Vikram Singh (General Secretary)