Thursday, 11 August 2022

“Condemn the attack of BJP hooligans on SFI Tripura state secretary and his family”
Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India condemns in strongest possible words the planned and heinous attack on SFI Tripura state secretary comrade Nabarun Deb and his family members by the hooligans of the BJP and RSS last night.  Comrade Nabaruna and his family were attacked by a group of BJP cadres three times yesterday. First these hooligans attacked Nabarun Deb’s house when he was not in his house. They in a most inhumanly way physically abused and threatened his old parents. After this incident these hooligans attacked Nabarun Deb’s uncle’s house and threw a bomb there. At midnight when comrade Nabarun Deb was coming back after registering FIR against these antisocial elements of the Saffron family, they again attacked the comrade with weapon. It was with the resistance of local people that they were forced to escape.
This shows the real face of BJP and their violent mode of operation. The manner in which these goons attacked old parents shows the shameful character of RSS. They always use violence against the organized democratic movement and its leadership. However, RSS should remember that this terror tactics will be defeated by the people’s unity in Tripura as well as elsewhere.
Comrade Nabarun Deb is popular leader of the state and a front leader against the communal politics of the BJP. BJP is trying to spread its venomous politics in the state of Tripura and is using all kinds of methods including money and muscle. They consider SFI as a major hurdle in these nefarious plans. SFI state unit and CEC are determined to fight against these forces and students of the nation are with comrade Nabarun Deb.
Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India demands immediate action against the culprits. We will intensify students’ struggles against these communal forces throughout India.
Released By
VP Sanu  (President)    Vikram Singh  (General Secretary)