Thursday, 11 August 2022

18056822 439225346422299 575125539191188302 nThe Central Executive Committee of SFI extends all its support for ongoing struggle of All India Kisan Sabha for justice for late Pehlu Khan, a Dairy farmer who was killed by self proclaimed ‘gou rakshaks’ at Alwar. It was a was part of conscious efforts and conspiracy by the Hindu Communal forces led by the RSS to systematically and slowly poisoning the society with communal hatred and intolerance with the aim of dividing the people for narrow political and electoral benefits.
The AIKS has successfully interpreted the issue of cow protection as an agrarian issue rather than a communal issue. The RSS – BJP efforts to prevent cattle trade and closing down of cattle fair is an assault on the rights of peasantry on their cattle wealth.
This is not an isolated incident; similar developments are there in throughout country. Student community of the nation is facing the similar attacks in campuses where self proclaimed pseudo nationalists are trying to dictate their saffron terms undermining the democratic process and rights of the students. We are in struggle against these forces and feels that only a broader unity of all sections of the society can successfully protect our Constitutional rights.
CEC of SFI calls upon all its units to support and participate in the communal amity meeting at village and local levels across the country on 30th April 2017.  This will ensure better unity of the people in the resistance against the communal forces all over the country since this is serious issues that endanger the unity and peaceful existence of the country and the people.
VP Sanu (President)                  
Vikram Singh (General Secretary)