Thursday, 02 February 2023

All India girls sub-committee of SFI condemns the obnoxious statement given by Maneka Gandhi, the minister of Women and child development, where she has said that the hostel timing is to protect young girls from their "hormonal outburst". She has gone a step further and said that there should be a Lakshman Rekha for girls who are staying in hostel. Her desperate attempt of sounding progressive by saying men also shouldn't step outside after evening 6, went in vain as it reflects her insensitive understanding about gender and freedom as a whole.
This is a usual patriarchal response to the increasing cases of sexual harassment and crimes against women, wherein the solution is sought to be found in restricting the mobility of women. In fact, over the last two decades as the participation of women has increased in the public sphere, there has been a brutal backlash from the patriarchal forces. The tragic deaths of Dika, Delta and Jisha tell this sordid tale.
We would like to underline that it is the responsibility of the state and society as a whole to ensure that women get equal access to public spaces as citizens of this country. We demand a public apology from the honourable minister for making such derogatory remarks. We would like to remind her that she is on the chair for empowering the women, not for shackling women back into their domesticity.
Released by
Dipsita Dhar (Convener)
Madhuja Senroy (Co-convener)
Khaddejath Suhaila K (Co- convener)
Manjushree Kabade (Co-convener)