Thursday, 02 February 2023

The shocking incident of the death of Jishnu, a first year Engineering student in a private college run by the Nehru Group of Institutions at Thrissur, Kerala is an another brutal example of the undemocratic character of the self financing institutions in our country. Jishnu committed suicide on 6th January 2017 following the mental and physical torture that he underwent at the hand of some teachers and the management after he was accused, without any evidence, of malpractice in the examination hall. The latest report exposed the fact that no report of malpractice by Jishnu has been sent to the examination controller. It has become clear that the accusations against him was completely manipulated by the teacher. The unfortunate death of Jishnu also reveals the inhuman attitude of the profiteering private educational institutions towards the students. The self financing colleges are transforming into jails where students are imprisoned with no rights or voice. Feudal atmosphere is set up in almost all such campuses and students are treated as slaves under the authoritarian managements. This is yet another example of the vulnerable position of students in a privatised education sector which promotes depoliticisation and alienation of the student community. Students are denied even their constitutional rights of association and freedom of speech. Neither any democratic forums nor elected students unions are allowed in these institutions. Jishnu's death is not a suicide. It is an institutional murder. This hunt on students by the private managements cannot be tolerated for any democratic and progressive society.
The Central Executive Committee of SFI demands the Kerala Government to speed up the enquiry to punish the culprits in this particular case and ensure justice to Jishnu. We also recognize that this is not an isolated incident. A legislation must be enacted by the parliament to ensure the campus democracy and elected student unions in all educational institutions in the country. No self financing managements must be granted this scoundrel free run. SFI appeals all democratic and progressive sections to join in the ongoing movement for justice for Jishnu.
           VP Sanu (President)                                                                                                        Vikram Singh (General Secretary)