Thursday, 02 February 2023

The Government has once again made it evident that their ‘walk’ is far detached from their ‘talk’. The fact that even though the government claims that it wants to bring our universities at par with foreign universities, but the policy orientation has been to serve the interests of corporate houses and the current UGC Gazette Notification,2016 is another planned attack to destroy and devalue the public funded institutions of the country.
 We are acquainted with the ongoing protests headed by the Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) demanding the withdrawal of the UGC Gazette Notification,2016 and roll back of the Academic Performance Indicator (API) system of evaluation teachers. The new norms under API are not going to be in favour of professors in the university. The system of feedback by the students’ is only an attempt pitch the students’ versus the teachers. Such a move is unwarranted when already we have recommendations of Students’ Faculty Committee(SFC) by UGC much before. In Delhi University alone around 4000 teachers will be jobless due to the new rules suggested by the UGC. In such a situation, not just teachers on ad-hoc but also those permanent are equally vulnerable. This will further take away all the existing vacancies and also hamper the student teacher ratio, which will have disastrous consequences. This is an effect of the 55% reduction in budgetary allocations to education which further makes it clear that the sell-out of public education to private players is the prime agenda of this government.
The notification will further devalue the educational standards in the country and will also lead to loss of thousands of jobs in the teaching sector at a juncture when the people of the country have been badly hit by soaring price rise, agrarian distress and joblessness.
The Students’ Federation of India calls upon all its units to observe nationwide protests against the draconian UGC Gazette Notification 2016 on the 23rd of June. 
Released by
V P SANU (President) 
Vikram Singh (General Secretary)