Thursday, 02 February 2023

The Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India congratulates the student community of English and Foreign Languages University, (EFLU) in Hyderabad for giving a thumping victory to Allied Students’ Action for Democracy- EFLU, ASAD-E in all posts in the students’ union election concluded yesterday. ASAD-E is a larger platform of all democratic and progressive sections in the campus, backed by SFI. This clear mandate by the students goes in favor of the ongoing brave movement in the campus for democratic rights. The victory of ASAD-E is a verdict against the anti-democratic, anti-student administration of EFLU. 
Tony Sebastian is elected to the post of president and Ajay Mathew (SFI unit president in EFLU) is elected as general secretary. Tania Kar (Vice President), Noble Antony (Joint. Secretary,AnasRahman(cultural secretary) and Ashish Krishna (Sports secretary) are the other members in the union. Tania Kar, AnasRahman and Ashish Krishna are unit executive committee members of SFI. ASAD-E was uniting the democratically minded students across the sections in the campus against the anti-student moves of administration and for a democratic and inclusive campus. It was only few days back that in a highly condemnable manner, disciplinary actions were taken against 11 students over their participation in a protest voicing for students union elections and democratic rights of the students in the campus. The administration was forced to conduct students’ union election after the continuous struggles and united interventions by the students of EFLU. But, in an attempt to curb the strengthening of the movement all those 11 students were barred from contesting students’ union elections. There were incidents of issuing show cause notices threatening them with disciplinary actions over even posts in the social media. 
After the election results were declared, instead of taking out a victory rally,the students have decided to wage a protest under the leadership of the newly elected union against the disciplinary actions on students. SFI demands that the disciplinary actions should be immediately and unconditionally withdrawn. We hope that this strong rebuttal of the authoritarianism of the administration by the student community will add momentum to the fight for campus democracy in EFLU. While saluting the spirit of the vibrant student community of EFLU, the Central Executive Committee of SFI reiterates our active support to all their struggles for advancing students’ rights. 
                                                 Released By
Dr. V Sivadasan, President                                  Ritabrata Banerjee MP, General Secretary