Thursday, 02 February 2023

The Central Executive Committee of SFI condemns the brutal attack on Paris conducted by ISIS. The death toll from this most gruesome attack has reached 129 in the latest count and it is possible that the final count will be far higher.
It is the duty of all progressive forces to vehemently criticize organisations like ISIS and make sure that its thrown into the dustbins of history. But at the same time it’s unfortunate that right-wingpolitical organisations in France have started blaming Syrian refugees for this attack. This is most condemnable since it should be understood that these refugees are fleeing from Syrian because of ISIS and its inhuman ideology.To blame them who are in fact the worst victims of ISIS is completely unacceptable.
Predictably, right-wing parties has also stated blaming Muslims as a whole for this attack.It should be noted that the worst victims of organisations like ISIS or Bokko Haram are Muslims. So it’s extremely important we resist attempts by right wing organisations to use incidents like this to create an atmosphere of hate towards Muslims and Islam as a whole. It is also important that along with the brave souls who passed away in Paris yesterday we remember and pay homage to the many thousand victims of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The role played by the US led imperialist powers in grooming such regressive forces also should not be forgiven.
The Central Executive Committee of the SFI deeply mourns the death of innocent people in these terror attacks and condemns such barbaric terror.
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Dr. V Sivadasan                                              Ritabrata Banerjee MP  
President                                                        General Secretary