Friday, 31 March 2023

It's been many weeks since the students of FTTI and Pondicherry University chose the war path for the cause of justice. Despite the continues demands from all quarters of the society and even seeing the increasing mass support for the movements the authorities has not been seemed considering the genuine concerns of the protesting students of both the institutions yet. In the cases of both the premier academic institutions in the country, Instead of meeting the demands the authorities are trying to curtail the democratic voices and imposing anti-student agendas with  the support of BJP led Central government.
The Film and Television Institute of India, FTII has been witnessing the outrage of the students ever since the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan as the chairman of the institution is declared. Gajendra Chauhan, a faithful fellow traveler of Sangh Parivar for a long time is gifted with the charge of the office for nothing but the same association with the saffron brigade. The only qualification of him to gain the post was his history of acting a role of Yudishtara in the Mahabharatha TV serial and some B grade movies. The appointment of Gajendra Chauhan should be counted together with the continuing attempts of BJP led NDA government to saffronise all the cultural and educational institutions in the country. He has been associated with BJP for last two decades and an active member since 2004. He was one of the forefront campaigners of BJP in the last Loksabha election. FTII which produced many finest talents of Indian cinema was headed in the past by stalwarts like Shyam Benagal, Mrinal Sen, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Girish karnad and so on. The appointment of Gajendra Chauhan is another attempt by Modi Government to bring the major research and cultural institutions of the country under the complete control of Sangh Parivar by filling them with their servile ideological henchmen.
Pondicherry University students has launched a massive struggle demanding the resignation of Vice Chancellor Mrs. Chandra Krishnamurthy who gained the post by submitting fake bio-data. Pondicherry University (a 30 year old Central University) is headed by Mrs. Chandra Krishnamurthy, whose appointment violated the Act and Statutes of the University. The situation in the university took a turn for the worse after she took the charge of the VC two and Half years ago. The fee was hiked by almost 200% in this period. The building which was inaugurated during the tenure of the earlier VC for 24 hour library hasn't been made functional yet. Students of different disciplines are heavily affected by the lack of proper infrastructure. The administration of this university has also become infamous for its approach of protecting the culprits of Ragging and sexual harassment and victimising those who stand against such atrocities.
It is highly condemnable that instead of meeting the demands of the protesting students the authorities are threatening them with Police and disciplinary actions. It is in this context the Central Executive Committee of SFI calls upon all its units  to raise up in solidarity with the ongoing struggles in FTII and Pondicherry University. SFI will mobilize students across the nation through solidarity programmes in favor of these struggles. We demand the concerned authorities to immediately intervene in the issue and ensure justice to the students of both institutions.
Released by 
Dr. V Sivadasan, President 
Ritabrata Banerjee MP, General Secretary