Sunday, 27 November 2022

The Central Executive Committee of SFI condemns in strongest possible words the police lathi-charge unleashed on  protesting students in Pondicherry University. The PU campus has been witnessing a vibrant movement with a huge students participation demanding the 
removal of the vice chancellor for submitting fake bio-data to the  search committee for gaining the post. 
The students are raising their voice also against the administration on the questions of serious irregularities, huge fee hike, lackadaisical approach on ensuring better infrastructure etc and demanding 25% reservation for the students belongs to Pondicherry. 
Pondicherry University (a 30 year old Central University) is headed by Mrs. Chandra Krishnamurthy, whose appointment violated the Act and Statutes of the University. The situation in the university took a turn for the worse after she took the charge of the VC two and Half years ago. The fee was hiked by almost 200% in this period. The building which was inaugurated during the tenure of the earlier VC for 24 hour library hasn't been made functional yet. Students of different disciplines are heavily affected by the lack of proper infrastructure. The administration of this university has also become infamous for its approach of protecting the culprits of Ragging and sexual harassment and victimising those who stand against such atrocities. Earlier two sfi activists were suspended from the University for protesting against ragging and harassment. Later university was forced to go back from the autocratic decision after the Madras High Court criticised them in a sharp language for such irresponsible and anti-student stands. 
A 'Save PU' campaign has started in pondicherry University weeks back raising all this questions and demanding the removal of the VC who is not  qualified to hold the office of the VC. Today, a large number of students blockaded the main gates of the campus. The police along with the hired goons of the administration  attacked the students who were protesting peacefully. Police began began lathi-charge without any provocation from the side of the students or any prior warning. Many protesters including girl students are injured and hospitalised. Around 25 students are arrested.
SFI demands the MHRD to intervene in the issue immediately and take actions against the VC for submitting fake bio-data to gain the post. We also urge to the authorities to meet with the legitimate demands of the protesting students of pondicherry University and end the hunt on campus democracy.
Released by 
Dr. V Sivadasan, President 
Ritabrata Banerjee MP, General Secretary