Thursday, 02 February 2023

A very unfortunate situation has arisen in the country with respect to the legitimacy and trust of the public education system in India. The extent to which corruption has permeated the higher echelons of the state machinery is evident in the way in which the CBSE All India Pre Medical Test was conducted. The scale of malpractices that took place is shocking and it has the potential to erode the trust and legitimacy enjoyed by bodies like CBSE which conduct these tests. According to the Haryana police reports, around 700 students were benefitted by an organized leakage of the question paper and 44 of them have been so far identified. This has prompted a group of students to approach the Supreme Court of India to get the results cancelled. The Supreme Court in its verdict given on 15 the June 2015 has cancelled the examination and has ordered a re-conduct of the All India Pre Medical Test. 

The insecurities produced by the capitalist system where cut throat competition and avarice are promoted as great virtues have resulted in the distortion of the very purpose of education. The students are forced to compete for limited seats of a few courses even when they have aptitude and talent in other areas. The public expenditure on education in India remains pathetically low and it has affected the development of the educational infrastructure in India which results in the paucity of the seats available. Such a predicament along with the privatization and commercialization of education create a situation which leads to corruption and malpractices.
It has to be noted that it was judiciary of India which had foiled the bold initiative by the Left Democratic Front Government of Kerala which had brought in a legislation titled The Kerala Professional Colleges or Institutions (Prohibition of Capitation Fee, Regulation of Admission, Fixation of Non-exploitative Fee and Other Measures to Ensure Equity and Excellence in Professional Education) Act, 2006, with comprehensive measures to put an end to the profiteering and commoditisation of education by private, unaided, minority and non-minority professional college managements.
The CBSE has vested the conduct of the AIPMT on private agencies and the entire process lacks transparency. The callous approach adopted by the NDA regime is to be blamed for the present fiasco. There should be a comprehensive investigation and the culprits should be brought to justice.
SFI demands the enactment of a comprehensive legislation to guide the conduct of these examinations. The bodies which are vested with the conduct of such examinations should be made accountable to the people and immediate measures should be taken to ensure their transparency and accountability.

Released by
Dr V Sivadasan, President
Ritabrata Banerjee, General Secretary