Thursday, 02 February 2023

Central Executive Committee of STUDENTS’ Federation of India strongly condemns the brutal lathi charge on the student-youth protesters of SFI-DYFI who were protesting outside the IIT Madras against the derecongnition of a students’ body named Ambedkar Periyar Study Circle at the behest of the MHRD. It needs to be noted that the Human resource development ministry has clearly breached a Central Vigilance Commission guideline in forwarding an anonymous complaint to IIT Madras. After the amendment last November, CVC rules make it clear that government departments “should not take action on anonymous/pseudonym complaints”.

The manner in which the MHRD clearly reflects displeasure of the current RSS-BJP regime with ideas which question them. On the contrary numerous media reports have pointing to existence of associations like Vivekananda Study Circle in that very IIT Madras campus, which continue to propagate unscientific and irrational ideas. Such a dual approach in an institute of national repute which is supposed to stand for scientific growth and rationality completely unmasks the regressive and retrograde face of RSS-BJP. While it is the battle of ideas which has forced the MHRD to act in such a partisan manner, the whole episode has also brought to fore the deep alienation that the dalit students face today in the IITs.

We would like to declare that the façade of ‘politics not allowed in IITs’ doesn’t hold any ground when administration and ruling class continues to propagate its own politics and ideology through numerous associations. We appeal all democratic sections inside the IITs, as well outside to rally in support of campus democracy and freedom of speech.A battle of ideas in unfolding and all those who stand for progress and scientific attitude must not yield a single inch to the forces of regression.

Released by
Dr. V Sivadasan (President)
Ritabrata Banerjee, M.P. (General Secretary)