Thursday, 02 February 2023

The student movement in Himachal Pradesh is going through yet another phase of repression at the hand of ruling classes. 2 days ago, police lashed out an all-out attack over the students who were marching to Vidhan Sabha at the call of SFI demanding, increased budgetary allocation, roll back of fee hike, students’ union elections and roll back of the disastrous RUSA/CBCS. 54 students were injured in the brutal police lathi charge, while the entire leadership was put behind the bars. Policemen in plain clothes attacked the state office of SFI, ransacked the office and arrested all those who were present there, including a 65 year old man. Al those who were arrested had to go through brutal physical torture inside the police station. Since the last 2 days, state machinery has been smelling the blood of student activists, forcing more than 100 student activists to go underground.

Student movement in HP is going through a difficult financial situation as well, with the high medical costs for those who have been injured in the police attack. The struggle in Himachal Pradesh is linked to the national struggle against the commercialisation and privatization of the public education. In such a context, it becomes the duty of the student movement in various parts of the country to stand up in solidarity with the Himachal student movement and support it in every possible way.

We call upon all our state units to initiate “Himachal Pradesh struggle fund” drive and go among the students, as well the wider masses. We also appeal the wider democratic minded sections to contribute in this struggle fund. Every single step of support for the HP student movement will strengthen the national movement in defence of Public education.

Released by
Dr. V. Sivadasan (President)
Ritabrata Banerjee MP (General Secretary)