Thursday, 02 February 2023

     Central Executive Committee of Students’ Federation of India condemns the decision of huge fee hike in NET/CSIR exam fees and calls upon its state units to hold protests on 20th February, 2015 in all its units throughout the nation along with memorandum to UGC chairperson through Vice-chancellor/ principals.  
     BJP government led by BJP is continuously taking anti student and anti education decisions and new addition to it is the decision of the 150% increase in exam fees hike across all categories which will take a heavy burden on the student community at large. This is huge burden on the students and can’t be justified be any logic. With this decision a large section of the students will be denied to appear in these eligibility exams hence will be losing the opportunity to make his careers in teaching or research which will further adversely affect their lives. 
     Central Executive Committee demand immediate withdrawal of this decision or students of the country will be forced to launch wide spread and intensive struggle against this fee hike. 
Released by
 Dr. V. Sivadasan                             Ritabrata Banerjee, MP 
President                                          General Secretary