Thursday, 02 February 2023

  Central executive committee of the Students’ federation of India calls all its units across the country to rise in protest against the red carpet welcome to the US President Barrack Obama in the upcoming Republic Day celebrations.Republic day is a very important day for the entire Country, as on this date in 1950 Our Constitution was formally adopted. It is not mere coincidence that Barrack Obama, a representative of the aggressions of US imperialism and its war crimes, is going to be our ‘national guest’ at a time when the Modi regime is hell bent on undoing the very foundations of Indian Constitution. This represents the collusion of the interests of the Indian ruling class and the  US-led imperialism to such a degree that national sovereignty and national interest no longer matter for them. 
  US-led imperialism has been destabilising governments through military interventions in Countries like Iraq, Libya, Syria and elsewhere. It continues to support the Israeli aggression over the brave people of Palestine. Such military interventions have led to the rise of monstrous extremist forces like ISIS which is a threat to peace in the region, including ours. Brutal attacks on the protests in Ferguson recently clearly demonstrate the credentials of the US regime as a human rights violator. India has now become one of the most important centres in the geo-strategic concerns of US, with a substantial part of its naval and military resources being shifted to the region.   
  Indian government has completely tailed the US foreign policy, in its attempts to protect the interests of the Indian big businesses and monopoly capitalists. The desperation is so huge that ordinances to increase FDI in insurance sector to 49%, to allow 100% FDI in medical devicesin the Pharmaceutical sector and to denationalise the Coals sector were unconstitutionally brought. Earlier during the Modi’s visit to US in September, the Foreign Educational Institutions’ (FEI) bill was one of the main things on agenda. Besides this, there are plans to allow US intervention in course designing and faculty training, in developing community colleges which help prepare uncritical ‘skilled’ workers according to the interests of the big businesses and in developing massive online courses (which will ease out the pressure on government to expand public education.)
  There is strong pressure of the US to weaken the patents regime in India to benefit the US drug companies, so that they can sell drugs in India at high prices. America’s pressures that India to give up its food security programme by undermining public procurement and the public distribution system. It is pressuring India to weaken laws that protect labour rights and environment, to benefit US corporations. The Obama-Modi efforts to dilute the civil nuclear liability law to favour US nuclear companies are also quite clear.
The ‘Nation’ who’s Guest of Honour will be Obama is not the nation of the Students, workers, peasants and the overwhelming majority; it is the ‘Nations’ of the monopoly capitalists, the agents and the looters. It is the duty of all patriotic forces to rally against this bonhomie of the RSS-BJP led regime and US imperialism. Central Executive Committee of Students Federation of India calls all its Units to organize militant protest demonstrations on the 24th January against Obama’s visit and expose this unholy alliance. 
 Released by
Dr. V. Sivadasan                                                                                                                                                 Ritabrata Banerjee
 President                                                                                                                                                            General Secretary