Sunday, 24 January 2021

Students’ Federation of India Central Executive Committee condemns the order of the Himachal Pradesh University ,  banning  the Students’ union elections. Himachal Pradesh University is one of the strongest bastions of the progressive student movement in the country.  For decades on, the student community in HP is raising the star studded white flag of independence, democracy and socialism. Both the ruling parties of the state, Congress and BJP could never accept the democratic assertions of the student community.  Last year, the Vice chancellor openly expressed his partisanship for the rightwing by requesting the students to support ABVP. This request which was openly made in a public speech, was outrightly rejected by the student community and  SFI won hands down in the ensuing students’ union elections .  The activists of the progressive students movement were targeted inside the campus by the Vice chancellor and the university authorities and out side, they were targeted by the police forces and state machinery. Hundreds of cases were registered against the students who were supporting SFI and many of them, including girls were sent to jail.
       The student community of India is bravely challenging the commercialization agenda of the ruling class. The whole gamut of suppressive measures unleashed by them could not crush the brave spirit of the activists of the progressive student movement. 
         In the HP University Students’ Union elections held last year, in many seats, NSUI and ABVP had put up common candidates as part of their desperate attempt to defeat SFI. But SFI emerged victorious with historic winning margins. As their opportunist alliance could not achieve the purpose of defeating SFI, the ruling classes are trying to sabotage the democratic procedure itself by banning the Students’ Union elections all together.   
         We request the student community and all those who believe in the cause of democracy, to extend their whole hearted support to the Students’ Union of Himachal Pradesh University, at this crucial juncture. We request all   SFI units across the country, to observe the 2nd of September 2014 as the ‘Day in Defense of Democratic Rights’.
Released by
Dr. V. Sivadasan                                                                                                                                                        Ritabrata Banerjee MP 
President                                                                                                                                                                     General Secretary