Tuesday, 18 June 2019

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Temperature goes down, with continues snow fall and early arrival of winter, in Shimla. however, the city is heated with the preparations to welcome the 16th All India Conference of SFI, the largest student organisation in the country having more than 4 million membership. hardly 4 days left for the conference to be begun at the queen of hills, the first time in its history. It is the consecutive second time the student organisation is holding its highest conference in a Hindi speaking state, Sikar of Rajasthan being the earlier one in 2016 January. 
around 700 delegates from 22 states will be attending the conference which will be held from October 30 to November 02. long discussion over its activities since last All India conference will be taking place. New methods and slogans will be prepared for the days to come along with electing the new leadership and central committee. 
"That we are able to conduct our most important organisational event in Hindi speaking states continuously itself shows the organisational expansion we gained over the last years. We are gathering at Shimla with a rich experience of continues struggles against the authoritarian, anti-student government during this phase. Campuses were under attack in an unprecedented manner. We will review our activities, recogonise our weaknesses and prepare ourselves to wage an uncompromising struggle in the coming days." Vikram Singh, General secretary of SFI who also hails from Himachal Pradesh told. 
"five days ahead to this conference, SFI have emerged as the single largest organisation in the polls held in Pondicherry University to the student councils. We have also been elected to the leadership of various central Universities in recent years, such as JNU, EFLU, Kerala Central University etc. SFI could win student union elections in Rajasthan, Assam, Madhyapradesh etc., apart from our traditional strong holds. It shows the student in the country are looking at SFI with confidence and hope. We are committed to shoulder it. This conference will be an important occasion for charting out a more vibrant and eventful future." VP Sanu, All India president of SFI opined. 
Himachal Pradesh have been a center of militant student struggles in these years. The conference will be added to its organisational capacity further.  A rally and public meeting will be held on the last day of the conference. Eminent personalities of various fields such as Sitaram Yechury, P Sainath, Ram Puniyani, Ram Kumar and Nilotpal Basu will attend different sessions and seminar which are to be conducted as part of the conference.